Treatments and Massage

Treatments and Massage

The Lavaredo, three star family run hotel on Lake Misurina, in addition to spa and wellness area offers massages and treatments for people who really want to enjoy your holiday in the mountains in Cadore.

Facial treatments

Hydra Visage

A sunny day, or wind can leave your skin dry or reddened, with this Aloe Vera treatment and a relaxing massage.

Duration 40 min. - € 40.00

biolifting Visage

Treatment regenerating lifting effect that affects the skin in the facial area and neck. It can also be considered a good precaution against the signs of aging.

Duration 40 min. - € 40.00

body Massage

Relaxing massage Sports

deep muscle massage and invigorating energy of the major muscle groups, is ideal after a day with your skis or after a hike in the mountains. Through a set of fast and rebalancing techniques it helps to reduce muscle tension and to soften fabrics. Activates blood circulation and prepares the muscle making it more tonic, loose and decontracted.

Partial massage: Duration 30 min. - € 30.00

Total massage: 60 min - € 50.00

Lymphatic drainage massage

The classic therapeutic massage that works through a series of rhythmic maneuvers performed to encourage the reactivation of the lymphatic system by removing toxins from the tissues and rebalancing and improving improve circulation emolinfatica. This massage helps to deflate the legs and abdomen, improving and reactivating the natural elimination of fluid that accumulates in fat cells, thus altered, cause the formation of cellulite.

60 min - € 50.00