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    In balance on the Slackline

    Slackline is the name of the flexible and elastic tape about 5 cm wide that is stretched between two anchors, typically between two trees, but also between very high mountain peaks, rather than between buildings in an urban environment.

    It is from this equipment that the slackline discipline takes its name: walking on the webbing helps to develop the sense of balance and the ability to concentrate, increasing the perception and the relationship between body, mind and nature.

    During Xtreme Days Winter Edition it will be possible to try out this discipline:

    everyone, adults and children, can try to walk on the slackline relying on the experience and sympathy of icons of the discipline as Ale D’Emilia and Marco Milanese!


    The Xtreme Days Winter Edition evenings will feature apres ski, party and DJ sets

    We will all meet together, even with exceptional athletes and guests, to have fun in perfect Xtreme style!


    Running on a snow-covered ground is a truly fantastic experience ... the Misurina and Piancavallo trails will offer you tough routes and breathtaking views.


    In a great winter outdoor Festival you can't miss an excursion with snowshoes.

    Accompanied by the mountain guide Marco Milanese, we will venture into Mount Piana, an easy and very suggestive scenic route!


    Cycling in winter, among snow-covered beech woods, is an experience to try!

    With the collaboration of Easy Bike Italy and its instructors, including Marco Dal Cin and Valentina Roder, you can experience the fantastic experience of riding a Fat Bike with assisted pedaling along snow-covered paths!