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    Cross-country skiing in Cadore

    Misurina has always been one of the most famous places where to practice cross-country skiing: a sport that will make you discover the desire for mountains, to see unique landscapes of the Dolomites that the whole world envies us, nature and unique colors ... In this splendid setting you can practice this sport on sunny slopes and breathe pure high-altitude air. Misurina, located at 1760 meters above sea level, guarantees perfect snowfall throughout the winter, from December to March / April.

    So, for those who, instead of downhill skiing, love cross-country skiing, in the Cadore area there is a beautiful circuit for cross-country skiers made up of three rings, of different difficulties:

    •     1 ring of 7 km which turns out to be the most difficult for expert skiers,
    •     1 ring of 5 km of intermediate difficulty,
    •     1 easy 2 km green loop.

    In addition to this basic circuit, however, you will also have heard of the Palus San Marco, which offers a truly splendid cross-country skiing circuit in the woods, and is only a few kilometers away, being halfway between Auronzo di Cadore and Misurina where the our hotel for the winter holidays in Misurina in winter and Cortina d'Ampezzo and Tre cime di Lavaredo.

    This basic circuit is located right inside the majestic Somadida forest, very famous and known for this winter sport in the Cadore area. It is an Oriented natural reserve, to which a small ecological center has been built to make the whole area of ??Cadore and its surroundings known.

    The Col de Varda ski slopes are only 200 meters from the hotel while those of Cortina d’Ampezzo are a 10-minute drive away.