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    The lakes in Cadore - an active holiday in the Dolomites lakeside

    The Cadore is an area really rich in opportunities for recreation, entertainment and sport, in summer as in winter, thanks to the particular microclimate of which it is characterized and also thanks to the presence of lakes and water sources .

    The areas of Cadore and Agordino in fact, among the Belluno Dolomites, are really rich in lakes!

    The lakes of Cadore, quiet and relaxing, are really areas of wellness for those who want to relax and enjoy the surrounding landscape with unspoiled nature on holiday.

    The most famous lakes in the Cadore area are, without a doubt, Lake Misurina, which lies right at the foot of the Tre cime di Lavaredo, where the hotel Lavaredo also overlooks, and the lake of Santa Caterina or Auronzo and the Lake of Calalzo or of Pieve di Cadore.

    Excursions on foot, by mountain bike, with Nordic walking rackets, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy this paradise during a stay as a couple or with family, children and friends!

    Lake of Santa Caterina - Auronzo di Cadore

    Between nature and sport and fun, during a vacation with your family and your children, you can spend intense days around the lake of Santa Caterina or Auronzo di Cadore. Around this lake there are numerous pedestrian paths suitable for both the more experienced and those who, lover of relaxation, prefer some quiet lakeside promenade.

    Lake Calalzo - Pieve di Cadore

    From Lake Calalzo, or from Pieve di Cadore, there are really lots of hiking trails and trails such as the famous one of the Val Montina where the first alpine wilderness area of ??Europe is located.

    And who is looking for cultural proposals for an active vacation between visits to museums and the discovery of local history, we remember the historical center of Auronzo di Cadore which houses the Naturalistic and Archaeological Multitematic Museum, while in Pieve di Cadore there is the Museum Archaeological and Titian's Birthplace.

    The lake of Sorapiss

    For those who love walks at high altitudes but are not great mountain experts, the excursion from the Tre Croci pass and Lake Sorapiss is splendid.

    It will be really easy with your family to reach the beautiful Vandelli al Sorapiss refuge and the homonymous lake with iridescent colors, it will be one of the most beautiful days you will remember during a holiday in Cadore! Nestled in unspoilt nature and nestled between majestic Dolomite peaks, Lake Sorapiss with colors and unique views in the world.

    In the distance, to the north, you can admire the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. And in fact the grandeur of the Sorapis can be properly evaluated by Misurina.