The Three Peaks of Lavaredo

The Three Peaks of Lavaredo

The Three Peaks: an oasis of peace

During your summer holiday in 2019 at Three Peaks, you can immerse yourself in nature and can experience new emotions with excursions and activities in the heart of the Dolomites: ask in hotel seedlings, the area maps and maps of the Three Peaks and Lake Misurina. Always at your complete disposal.

During your stay here, it will be possible to undertake climbs of the Three Peaks and Monte Piana with snowmobiles and those who want it can get off with sleds, also at Lake Antorno, you can have fun driving snowmobiles on a circuit 3 Km.

In our area, also, you will discover numerous excursions to do with touring skis or snowshoes (snowshoes) ... there will be plenty of activities and entertainment for you and your children!

Situated next to the province of Belluno, the Three Peaks are mirrored powerful and magnificent in the clear waters of Lake Misurina, and attract tourists from all over the world. It also can be seen from Braies and Villabassa, Dobbiaco, San Candido and Sesto but also from your room here in our hotel Lavaredo! One of the most tempting reasons why The Three Peaks attract so many tourists all year round, it is for hiking. Your holidays in the realm of the Three Peaks: an unforgettable stay near the area of ??Cadore, the colors and the characteristic shape you'll notice the Three Peaks are an icon, a symbol.

The "three fingers of dolomite" that are set off into the sky are in fact a unique spectacle of their kind, and are magnificent at night as in the day, summer and winter. The Three Peaks located on the border between the extreme north of the province of Belluno and the Hochpustertal in South Tyrol, are perhaps the best known mountains in the world, the most photographed and the most present on the postcards.

Upon reaching the area of ??the Three Peaks, which the Hotel Lavaredo is really convenient, you can take a hike or a trip with the family: for example, you can take the Tour of the Three Peaks, which is a path to ring of about 4 hours. For those who feel better trained and fit, there is the hike from Rif. Auronzo leads to Rif. Locatelli.

The three peaks are also crossed by the Alta Via n.4. In recent years the Three Peaks were the scene also free climbing activities and sports climbing the most difficult: the ninth grade. In 2011, mountaineers and Olzer Kleindl crossed the empty space between the individual peaks on a slack line.