Cadore is an area rich in museums, attractions, historic landmarks and more, which you can visit during your stay at the hotel Lavaredo. A holiday in the Dolomites in summer will surely be fun, memorable and invigorating for the whole family, young and old alike will always find the right opportunity to smile and relax, disconnecting from stress and everyday life.

The summer and winter is full of opportunities for activity holidays or active sports holidays splendid and well-being among the Ampezzo Dolomites, among the Three Peaks, the Cadore and Misurina Lake, a magnificent area to border with Trentino alto Adige to be discovered!

Adventures at high altitude, outdoor excursions and unspoilt of the Dolomites, between the majestic and impressive mountains, as the group of the Tofane rather than the Crystal or the Faloria, Cinque Torri, on the south shall Beak, Sorapiss and Croda da Lago .

You healthy air and clean await, high mountain, colors and sensational scents, unspoiled nature in all seasons!

Visit to the Church of Our Lady of Grace

The Church of the Madonna delle Grazie di Cadore is on seniority, a chapel built in honor of Monte Horton, built in 1738, was a sign of peace between the countries of Auronzo di Cadore and Dobbiaco.

The area of ??Cadore and Auronzo are famous especially for lakes, the lake Misurina, Lake Auronzo di Cadore or St. Catherine, near which there are also numerous Roman excavations.

During your active vacation in Cadore, you can also see many of the peaks of the Dolomites, among the most famous include the Three Peaks, where the foot is the Lavaredo hotel, but then also Cadini, Corno del Doge Croda dei Toni, really well-known names to mountaineering experts.

And certainly one can not forget the "Queen of the Dolomites" or the beautiful Cortina d'Ampezzo, one of the most famous tourist areas and popular of Italy, both for skiing and for the social life, between luxury shopping but also ideal destination of summer and winter sports and for mountain biking.

And on a quiet day during your vacation in Cadore, you can not miss a visit to the Eyewear Museum in Pieve di Cadore.

The first "Show eyewear through the ages" was set up right here at Pieve in 1956, to coincide with the Olympic Winter Games, and then was revived in 1959 at the University of Padua. On that occasion, the curator, Enrico De Lotto, advocated the establishment of a National Museum dell'Occhiale Cadore. This dream came true many years after his death, largely through the efforts of Vittorio Tabacchi, chairman of Safilo, passionate collector of glasses that was activated for the acquisition of several important collections.

For any information, ask directly at the hotel reception Lavaredo, during your stay!